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1.04 Final Released

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  • 1.04 Final Released

    Well 1.04 final has been released right around where we expected it. There's a lot yet we still want to do with Sundren and a lot that hasn't been done. However we are at a state in which there are plenty of ripe opportunities for roleplay and independent questing. I know that by going live we will attract more attention to the project which will in the end speed up development.

    So what could you possibly want to hear? A date?

    Saturday. FEBRUARY 10th, 2007.

    Mark your calendars. On that day.... and that day only, I will provide the download location for the client pack, and the server IP. I will send out an announcement e-mail to all forum members, and the FAQ section will be updated.

    As always, please remember...

    This is an OPEN BETA.
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    I don't know if you mentioned this, but is it an open beta?

    Seriously though, I better get cracking on them lewtz.


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      *Gives a sigh of relief, and spends another hard earned paycheck*
      Did I mention I hate Cats?


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        Getting eager to start using my small pile of evil and wicked quests on the players, mwahahahaha!

        Rogue Player:
        Ok, I'll tell you what. I'll give you one gold for every door you open here in Undermountain.

        Fighter Player: Hmmm..you got yourself a deal

        DM: *grins*

        *Actual happening in PnP D&D*


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            So this is an OPEN BETA?
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              1.04 is quite the patch. If you look at the changelist... It's HUGE! Finally, we get things like Practiced Spellcaster... Bindable keys for hotbar changes... Voice menu... Amazing. And this is just the beginning, folks. OE is already planning for patch 1.06.

              As for Sundren's open(ish) beta, hooray! I finally get to break out my cranky wizard ego...
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                Play time.
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                  Been working on a different character story, and am VERY interested to test her out!!!

                  I have a feeling it will be worth the wait
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