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Update Notes for August 7, 2014

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  • Update Notes for August 7, 2014

    Map Changes
    *Citadel/Sestra updated to reflect events from the Day of Broken Blades (more to do here)
    *Black Hand daily moved: quest NPC now in lower floor of old CdG building, quest target to kill now in Necropolis first area
    *Sunite temple relinked to Aquor
    *Aurilite respawn moved
    *Fixed transitions in Avanthyr Lighthouse
    *Fixed transition in Thayan Lab/Enclave

    Mechanics changes
    *RP XP ticker changed to 75 from 30

    Class/Feat Changes
    *Favored Souls unrestricted
    *Paladins restricted
    *Barbarian Rage updated: Now gives Immunity to Critical Hits, varying levels of regeneration (2, 5, 10)
    *Epic Rage prereq changed to 25 Strength (from 30), 21 BAB (from 25), bonuses reverted to pre-Kaeldorn nerf
    *Stone Bones / Iron Bones (custom Dwarven DR feats) removed; dwarves who currently have these feats will keep them

    *Item updates finished, stores updated
    *New conversation for Kossuth Blacksmith, should now have New Adventurer store.
    *Resurrection conversation added to Kossuth Priest.
    *Temple store added to Kossuth Acolyte
    *Removed Disarm feat from Duergar spawns
    *Added quest conversation to Haywood NPC in Aquor
    *Drunken Dragon now rents rooms

    *Various bug fixes

    Oh, and one other thing:


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    But please, keep one thing in mind for me. What have you become when even nightmares fear you?
    - Nessa


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      Loving the Ice-Golem models.
      Also, TRAPS!

      Edit: There also appears to be a mythical armor.
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      Crafting changes are a dead-horse topic, but feel free to ask me about crafting: If I can't answer it, I bet I can direct you to someone who can.
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        OMG! I'm so cut that I'm at work right now... I get home @ 11am EST if anyone wants to explore the new areas together!
        Yes, I realise my RP writing sucks. Just be thankful I keep it short

        Thalanis Moonshadow


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          Originally posted by thaelis View Post
          OMG! I'm so cut that I'm at work right now... I get home @ 11am EST if anyone wants to explore the new areas together!
          Bring you A+++ game...

          Also, thank you so much devs, this is awesome.


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            Always good to enjoy quality time with Saulus!


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              Kick ass update, guys! Time to get some thermal undies, hurray~!
              I can't tell you enough how happy I am to escape.


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                Mmm. Sweet, sweet updates. Check your stores, kiddies.
                "Use the Force, Harry" -Gandalf


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                  Poked around in places probably not supposed to yet and it is sexy and dangerous, like a femme fatale. Today's CAD seemed strangely appropriate for the occasion.
                  I can't slow down, I can't hold back though you know I wish I could. No there ain't no rest for the wicked until we close our eyes for good!


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                    Ah, Tim Buckley. What a terrible, terrible human being.

                    Edit: Also, it may be that the store updates didn't go through all the way. Hang tight.
                    "Use the Force, Harry" -Gandalf


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                      I am so excited to go for a test drive tonight when I get home!
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                      Oliver Ironhide- Guardian
                      Lynk Frost-Champion of Bane
                      Dorin Hammond- Scout
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                        My excitement is just reading people's RP posts once they start exploring there and finding treasures. ... and maybe a good dose of peril.
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                          Lush. Frigid. Wasteland.


                          I won't spoil too much for those who haven't seen it, but I gotta say I love the trees. Now that is what I call a forest, good sir!
                          Yes, I realise my RP writing sucks. Just be thankful I keep it short

                          Thalanis Moonshadow


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                            I can't wait to get to explore it.
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                              OMG! I am on travel and have to wait an extra day to experience this outstanding update. Well down staff!