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A little information on Sundren's Technologies

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  • A little information on Sundren's Technologies

    As some of you may know, Sundren recently implemented its faction system which is now in beta testing on the server. Sundren's faction system is unique in many ways that it makes your reputation standing with Sundren's some 20 odd factions persistent.

    What does this mean to the player? Well take for instance the Mossclaw Alliance, say there's a player who is a Half-Orc. He decides he doesn't care much for the human lands and would rather become part of the Mossclaw Alliance. Well, through questing and a bit of DM intervention he just -might- be able to, and in doing so he will become neutral and even friendly with the Mossclaw alliance creatures-- making it so he no longer gets attacked by them. Of course, when other players come to the forest they will not get the same greeting.

    This has adverse affects as well, as the Sundarian guards will no longer be so nice to said Half-Orc. This is just a small example, other things that will come into play will be special stores for different factions, faction-specific quests, etc.

    The hard part of getting the system to work is over, and now we can fine tune it and start integrating it within the world.

    Another thing I would like to make note of is Sundren's loot system. To my knowledge there has never been such a powerful or unique system of its kind made for NWN1/NWN2, and we have developed it exclusively for Sundren. Sundren's loot system even has its own editor that we had to make for it! The system is unique in its flexibility and control over the types of items it generates and how often it does so, allowing the player to gain a multitude of unique items, all with varying properties.

    There are a few smaller projects on the pipeline, but rest assured one of the things that will be coming on the horizon for us to start working on soon will be...


    The only question is, how will we re-invent the wheel this time?

    Stay tuned.
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    OMFG! What can I say...Words are somehow lacking to this!

    Great work to all involved.
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      I drool at crafting.
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        Neato... keep up the good work Sundren Staff.

        ~ Alaric, Humble servant to the God of Guardians.


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          I still find it hard to believe how quickly you get such complex systems implemented, and with a minimal level of probems.

          Great work, and many many thanks for making this place as good as it is.
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            Are you guys planning neutral areas for everyone. Say a no man's land or a bizarre or small trading town or area where everyone knows factions do not come into play? Or will Factions be across the board?

            By the way, great content and what I have seen of Sundren is very, very well done. I can't wait to see what new areas you have on the drawing board.


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              Yay for the crossroads....


              ~ Alaric, Humble servant to the God of Guardians.


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                I just miss the orc outpost at the cross roads and the daily alliance raids.


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                  Or your friendly vampire encounter.....

                  ~ Alaric, Humble servant to the God of Guardians.


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                    this is sweet rock'n roll man


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                      I wonder... if there is a war going on around us between the Sundren Military and the Mossclaw Alliance. How come we never see it?

                      ~ Alaric, Humble servant to the God of Guardians.


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                        Sorry if this is a dumb question, but are there a list of factions and how do you join them?




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                          Hmm, sounds Superb. Nice job, staffy!


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                            Ooooooo, factions.




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                              Originally posted by boreas View Post
                              I wonder... if there is a war going on around us between the Sundren Military and the Mossclaw Alliance. How come we never see it?
                              The sundren military figures since adventurers are so willing to throw their lives away fighting the mossclaws for fun they can sit back and just hold the fort