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Sundren Client 1.2 Released

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  • Sundren Client 1.2 Released

    Get it under downloads. She's a big one. Full Client pack only (due to significant changes).
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      Very nice...at 81 % now...
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        Darn you people with stupid fast connections! Darn our lousy campus wireless! Go faster, download!

        And you all rock, Sundren staff. ^_^
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          *Wants to know what is added!*


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            Originally posted by Raksha View Post
            Darn you people with stupid fast connections! Darn our lousy campus wireless! Go faster, download!

            And you all rock, Sundren staff. ^_^
            Hehe, Wireless is nice.
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              wow you must have really slow connections this is like a 3 and a half minute file, maybe i'm lucky.


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                  Let's Do This! LEROY...................! Nevermind, thanks guys, we appreciate the hard work
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                    I think I'm going to have a stroke if this doesn't download faster. See you all in-game! And, thank you staffies. You guys make Sundren the PW worth playing.
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                      You guys are the best!




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                        Wohooooo! *runs around in circles like a sugar-high kid*
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                          got pwned in the necropolis, nice layouts on the new places.
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                            Huge 'thank yous' all round for this.

                            Now take some time off for yourselves!!
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                              Nice work on everything in the update, everyone. Although I haven't had a run-through of the Necropolis and all of the other new content yet, listening to Satoshi yell like a maniac gives me a pretty good idea as to how amazing it is.

                              Oh, gods, yes. Thank you for putting the Githyanki theme music in the Church of Kelemvor. I can never get sick of that track. You have my gratitude.