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To: House Pendriag, Aquor

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  • To: House Pendriag, Aquor

    A letter, written on expensive parchment and embellished careful calligraphy and scented with the hint of orange blossoms is sent to House Pendriag in Aquor.

    The letter is addressed to The Honorable and Noble Lady Felicy Pendriag, The fiery heart of Aquor and enlighten strength that leads her people,


    Centurio Bram Drismon has asked me if there was a way he could have a moment of your time. I told him I was uncertain of your schedule, but assured him that I would ask if you or one of your Advisors could speak with him. From what I understand he wishes to talk about a matter of defense. I don’t think he wishes to speak of Aquor’s defenses specifically. From the discussion, it seemed to be more of Valley wide defense. I know you are very busy of course, but the Centurio has never been one to waste anyone’s time. If you have the time to spare Lady, or require more information please let me know.

    Lady guard your heart with her love and hold back the shadows from your dreams,

    Heartwarder Chime Mynick

    GMT -9

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    A short and concise message is returned from Bassim Al'Emir.


    Since you have spoken on his behalf, the Red Dragon of Hiyal has generously agreed to entertain an audience with the Centurio. My men will be notified to keep an eye out for him when he arrives in Aquor.

    Bassim Al'Emir
    House Pendraig