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Embers in the Ashes

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  • Embers in the Ashes

    Greetings fellow Sundarians!

    It is with great pleasure that I address you in this format of renewed communal access.
    Many thanks to Dispater for all their efforts and investment in this project, and the many others who clung to the fragments we now forge anew into a whole.
    However, given that it is a communal world and interest, there was the work of many souls in keeping the flame alive all these years despite travails and setbacks.

    While bringing the world into function is a work-in-progress, there are many tales yet being made.
    I would be interested to hear who else has returned their gaze back to the Sundered Valley.
    Old locals, fresh visitors, and curious alike, what brings you here and what hopes do you bring?


    Frazer Mfg. is a department of Frazer Fabrications, focused on the construction of high-end custom-crafted equipment and gear.
    Also part of Frazer Fabrications are:
    Frazer Armories - focused on resale of prefabricated arms and armorments;
    Frazer Merchantile - specialising in economic analysis and scaleable logistics; and
    Frazer Laboratories - the leading independent R&D for sundrite theory, arcane and mechanical engineering

    James Frazer: Anthropological Gearhead, Techsmith, Arcanaphysisist, Renown Proprietor
    AKA: Artifax Grade B Exigo Corporation Syndicated Associate VP, Professor, Quartermaster of the Schild Whurest-ExiCorp Joint-Operations Facility, and 'Annoying Mechanist'
    Theme: Stil Alive

    Grid vs. Squeegle, not Good vs. Evil

    Distances and travel-times for the Sunderian Peninsula:Free Version 1.0

    Crafting changes are a dead-horse topic, but feel free to ask me about crafting: If I can't answer it, I bet I can direct you to someone who can.
    To those who are interested in making or have crafting-oriented characters, please check out the Fabricator's Collective and how to get FC-certified.
    crafting tutorial.

    Unfortunate truths:
    Intention: [DM > Crafting > Faction Store > Drop > Regular Store]
    Reality: [DM > Faction Store > Drop > Regular Store> Crafting]

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    Oh dear gods of Arvandor - An actual forum, where things are stacked in chronological order and not by chats or stupid algorithms. Let us shake free the shackles of attention-destroying apps and congregate here!

    Yeah, I'm back too, now with reduced play time!
    My'athvin Simaryl - Elven Mhaornathil
    Mhaenal Ahmaquissar - Minstrel Knight


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      Yes. The forums will be a much better place to post our bugs and suggestions, as well as our announcements and server progress. Get posting everyone!!
      "Now I know the full power of evil. It makes ugliness seem beautiful and goodness seem ugly and weak." -The Dance of Death


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        Good to see the forums back
        Originally posted by roguethree
        If I had my way, clerics would have spell failure and a d6 hit die. And Favored Souls wouldn't exist.


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          If I have to say what brings me back it'd be the prospect of interacting with this community without the epic characters already being established and the possibility of a faction system that hasnt devolved into a bit of a shitshow.

          Anyway, nice to see you all, I'll be posting Warren Zevon music in the "what I'm listening to" thread.
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            I wait and watch, planning characters and other such things. Looking forward to RP and junk again someday.
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