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    The First Call

    News begins to circulate across the Valley. The Trade Way Crisis has hit a tipping point. Two more caravans have been...
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  • Wassup?

    Hello everyone. New to this server and nwn2 its' self. I've heard decent things about this games online community. I hope to see you in game soon though I have yet to download the PW just yet.

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    Welcome! Things are pretty slow right now, since the server's been hit with a few problems, but hopefully it'll be back in working order soon enough.
    We can axe if we want to, leave that sword behind. Because your friends don't axe, and if they don't axe then they're no friends of mine.


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      Perhaps someone could be kind enough to tell me how to acquire the IP for this server?


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        Check the top of every page here:
        Server name: Sundren.org | GameType: RolePlay | IP: nwn.sundren.org:5125 | Game Version: 1.23 MotB/SoZ
        Hope it helps :-)


        Frazer Mfg. is a department of Frazer Fabrications, focused on the construction of high-end custom-crafted equipment and gear.
        Also part of Frazer Fabrications are:
        Frazer Armories - focused on resale of prefabricated arms and armorments;
        Frazer Merchantile - specialising in economic analysis and scaleable logistics; and
        Frazer Laboratories - the leading independent R&D for sundrite theory, arcane and mechanical engineering

        James Frazer: Anthropological Gearhead, Techsmith, Arcanaphysisist, Renown Proprietor
        AKA: Artifax Grade B Exigo Corporation Syndicated Associate VP, Professor, Quartermaster of the Schild Whurest-ExiCorp Joint-Operations Facility, and 'Annoying Mechanist'
        Theme: Stil Alive

        Grid vs. Squeegle, not Good vs. Evil

        Distances and travel-times for the Sunderian Peninsula:Free Version 1.0

        Crafting changes are a dead-horse topic, but feel free to ask me about crafting: If I can't answer it, I bet I can direct you to someone who can.
        To those who are interested in making or have crafting-oriented characters, please check out the Fabricator's Collective and how to get FC-certified.
        crafting tutorial.

        Unfortunate truths:
        Intention: [DM > Crafting > Faction Store > Drop > Regular Store]
        Reality: [DM > Faction Store > Drop > Regular Store> Crafting]


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          My eyes need checking. XD


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            Danté Swift: Archmagus and Marshal of Sestra.


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              Elandra: A former Red Blade, now roams the wilderness with the Lone wolf as her guide
              Alexandra: Ever faithful (just shy of a Zealot)
              Yodglum: May Kossuth's flame light your way and burn those in it!
              Ash: Dusty old miner of still looking for the "mother load" on Exigo's stag

              Shaving kittens: not an official sport, but fun just the same


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                The couple times I've logged in there haven't been any other players online. Though I'll keep trying to see if I can catch others. Are there peak hours?


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                  Right now Hunger Strike, the big problem is the rep system is broken, likely something to do with a database error.

                  Nobody knows how to really fix it, but once that's been squared away then you'll likely see people start to log in again. High time was after 4pm PST on weekdays.
                  Aesa Volsung - Uthgardt Warrior

                  Gabrielle Atkinson - Mage Priest of Torm
                  Anasath Zesiro - Mulhorandi Morninglord
                  Kyoko - Tiefling Diviner
                  Yashedeus - Cyrist Warlock
                  Aramil - Nutter

                  GMT -8