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  • West Winds Trading

    *A simple poster is put up outside the Second Wind Inn, written in elegant handwriting*

    Astral Blade - 3000gp
    A longsword of minor enchantment, emits powerful thunderclap on hit
    (+1 enhancement, +1d4 sonic damage)

    Fur Lined Cape - 3000gp
    A cape enchanted to moderately increase the wearer's vitality, minor cold warding, minor spell warding
    (+6 hp, 10% cold immunity, +1 universal saves)

    Furs of the Barren Expanse - 3000gp
    A hide armor of minor enchantment, moderately boosts wearer's foraging skills, extremely light and supple
    (+1 hide armor, +2 search/survival, +1 balance, +6 max. Dex bonus, light armor)

    Harbinger Kin - 3000gp
    A greatsword of minor enchantment, moderate magical flames
    (+1 enhancement, +2 fire damage)

    Ring of Protection - 1500gp
    A ring with a moderate deflection enchantment
    (+2 deflection)

    Scimitar of Searing Ice - 3000gp
    A scimitar with a moderate frost enchantment, cuts deeply on vital strikes, glows with a blue radiance
    (+2 cold damage, +1d6 massive criticals, light 15ft blue)

    Stonefire Axe - 3000gp
    A greataxe of minor enchantment, moderate magical flames
    (+1 enhancement, +2 fire damage)

    Visions in Ice - 3000gp
    A mace with moderate accuracy enchantment, moderate magical frost, may befuddle the minds of those struck, can spray forth a Color Spray to dazzle enemies once each day
    (+2 to hit, +2 cold damage, 5% chance of Daze 3 rounds, Color spray 1/day, -1 Will save)

    Indigo leaves 50gp
    Arcane spell scrolls 1st to 7th circle - will exchange for spells of equal value or other valuable Arcane knowledge

    Arcane spell scrolls
    2nd - Curse of impending blades, Scorching ray, Touch of idiocy 400gp each
    3rd - Mass curse of impending blades 400gp
    4th - Ice storm, Isaac's lesser missile storm, Shout 400gp each
    5th - all 200gp (600 if not in spellbook)
    6th - all 300gp (900 if not in spellbook)
    7th - all 400gp (1200 if not in spellbook)
    8th - all 600gp (1800 if not in spellbook)
    9th - all 800gp (2400 if not in spellbook)

    Diamond 5000gp
    Canary diamond 5000gp
    Sapphire 5000gp
    Iron ore 100gp
    Cold iron ore 250gp
    Winter wolf pelts 250gp
    Frostfur leather - 2000gp
    Frostfur studded leather - 3000gp

    Those wishing to trade should seek out Lanathas Hawksong at the Second Wind Inn, or leave word with Jack the bartender.
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    Yes, I realise my RP writing sucks. Just be thankful I keep it short

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