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    Sundren is quickly becoming the number one persistent world of roleplay for NWN2, and that's because high-quality modding attracts high-quality players. If you want to contribute to the design and the content of this fast-growing world and you have the skills to produce quality material, we want to hear from you!

    Area Builders

    Forests, cities, dungeons, even just homes. Sundren is a world of beautiful landscapes and darkest temples. If you have the experience and skills necessary to produce rich, attractive areas for NWN2, we want to see them, and so do our players. A strong sense of professionalism and examples of previous work will be required.

    Content Developers

    What would a fantasy world be like without characters, conversations and quests? If you can write conversations well, and have some experience of creating creatures and NPCs in NWN2, we'd love to hear from you. Examples of your work will be required.


    Know you can do better than the current models in NWN2? Sundren is open to custom content, so if you have the skills we'd like to hear from you. Previous examples of your work are required, whether it be some towering buildings, some terrible creatures or some new spangly armour.


    Sundren isn't just scripting - we make heavy use of external applications and databases, to create a sleek and interactive world. If you know your C++ as well as your NWScript, we know we can use you. Contact us and tell us about your technical experience and skills.


    Can you make the people of Sundren speak, or monsters growl? If you think you can bring unique and professional voice-talent to the world, speak to us! We can't wait to hear some of your previous work.

    Dialog / Sequences writers

    A truly great dialog can immerse you deeply into the universe you are playing. A great sequence can make your mind travel to the exact place in time, as well as space.
    Dialogs and sequences make the world believable, real enough to touch. On Sundren, we are looking for people to make this happen. If you happen to have talent at writing dialogs or a knack for writing out sequences, go ahead and send us a word, along with some past accomplishments. You will be required to work with the designers and writers in a team effort.

    Current Openings
    Technical Designer (1 Opening)
    Dungeon Master (Multiple Openings)
    Dialog (1 Opening)
    Modelling/Texturing (2 Openings)
    Graphic Designer (1 Opening)
    Programmer, UI (Requires knowledge of XML/C++)
    Nwscripter (1 Opening)

    Send application with resume & previous work to jobs@sundren.org.
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