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Hype Train!!~~! *Toot toot*

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  • Hype Train!!~~! *Toot toot*

    So let's talk about it.
    It's coming back, baby!

    I'm super excited with info from my friend, and already playing, that the server isn't wiping constantly and we can get some RP in. Now I know another wipe is coming, so quick questions in mind.

    Will our current made characters (as in pre-coming wipe) continue on into the next? As in - are we using current factions and information for the current - and later on we'll remake everything with the jump?

    Second - even with that in mind, can we get people playing now? A wipe doesn't mean an absent of fun content and I'm totally down to get it going again (So is Straybullet. We're on Discord.)

    Is there any special things going on after the jump that we should be aware of perhaps while creating our stories?
    (I've read into older post but I don't know how much of that will still be set!)

    Quick edit: Will the level remain 20? I read 15 would be the max so I'm wondering if that's still planned? Will the possibility to go past that be more then just RP events or a daily 100xp?

    Who all still keep's an eye - respond down bottom!

    Tl;dr - Leave a post with your lovely face responding at the least to let us know how ya been and what's your plans!

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    Current factions will be changed out, as will current characters. Basically what I'm doing right now is a dry run of characters that seem interesting to me for role play. Then once the relaunch happens I will have a better feel for how I want to play and more of an idea of the exact build I want to go for. I don't know about the level cap, I was reading some older posts which also highlight there was a proposed ECL 10 and ECL 15 to limit hitpoints and other aspects that feel "over powered?"

    I'm thinking of playing a Paladin of Savras probably based in the Sundren City faction, since it holds ties with other Paladin factions.