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  • Reputation/Rating System

    As many of you will notice there is a reputation system in effect (the scales to the top right of a post). Using this system you can complement or show your disagreement with someone else, please use this wisely.

    You can also rate images in the gallery, threads, and links to other NWN2 websites!
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    how exactly does the rep thing work? I'm just curious because it says I have 64 rep points but a 0 still in my thing. I'm confused lol :P


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      What's with the new forum members and dragging up ancient threads today?
      Originally posted by Saulus
      Stop playing other shitty MMOs and work on Sundren, asshole.


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        Well I posted this here because it's the only thing that I could find on the forum pertaining to the reputation system, and I didn't realize it was so old because it was the top thread here and unlike other years old threads it's not buried under dozens of older threads, theres only four in this whole section. Also, I'm not a new member, I joined in '07 :P, but either way I apologize for the thread necro but I still hold to my question as I'd like to know how it works =)


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          There's some system behind it... but I'll be damned if I know what it is
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