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How Do You Feel about Sundren's Leveling Pace?

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    Originally posted by Lotus View Post
    Max level is 10, all subsequent levels grant additional feats, but no HP/Saves/Attack Bonus/etc. It's a nice compromise to allow people to keep leveling without having vast power gaps between old and new PCs. Also makes life hella easy on DMs trying to craft events and encounters. Unfortunately, like Doubt said, stupid amounts of work would be needed.
    But wouldn't this kill prestige classes? Some of them can't be accessed earlier than level 8.

    Anyways, I voted for "just right". Probably an increase to exp granted by RP would be welcome.


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      It's well worth losing a few superfluous prestige classes. Yes, they're interesting, but it's a very, very small sacrifice for servers that keep to a low level limit.

      Will it ever happen on Sundren? Not with the DEV team we have now. But it would be great all the same.
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        Originally posted by Vaelek View Post
        It's well worth losing a few superfluous prestige classes. Yes, they're interesting, but it's a very, very small sacrifice for servers that keep to a low level limit.

        Will it ever happen on Sundren? Not with the DEV team we have now. But it would be great all the same.
        Quite frankly I fail to see any gain in a lower level limit. I only see more limitations and less possible differentiation between characters.
        For me it would not be "well worth" at all.


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          Well, good thing you wouldn't be in charge of implementing such a system.

          The E10 is a cap on HP and attack bonus. You continue to gain feats as you hit XP benchmarks, the feats being tailored to the lower power setting. You still get full customization of the character, but the numbers are smaller.

          Moot, though, as there's no way we're moving to this. It would be far too much work retrofitting the server when our time is better spent developing plot, dungeons, quests, etc.


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            I think leveling for the most part is fine as it is. maybe just a tad slower, so lvl 20's don't pop up over night. Now that said, if people want to lvl they will find a way. As for seeing the server, perhaps flushing out the quest lines fully? So you follow a trail of quest that clearly lead to the next taking you to all the Nice areas on the server and showing you where you should be to get the xp for your lvl. I could see that coupled with a small slow down in leveling, getting different groups in different areas Rping as well. Or at the very least getting like level PC's in the same area to quest together.
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              As someone who mostly plays in the hours when nobody else is on, leveling is ridiculously easy with the right faction gear and a melee build, and entirely impossible if you're a proper caster without undead.


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                When I first started with Chime it was painful, however I found that a lot of the less used spells were really nice. I am not a very good caster player, I will be the first to admit that. But, you can do more than you think with some of the spells out there.
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                  Honestly I feel it is a little fast, but you know it's pretty easy for a player to sit back and be like okay well I'm not going to power level through everything. Really I find that's the best remedy. If you want it to be slower, then why not police yourself? If the excuse is because you want to hit high level events then whatever go as a lower level, don't have to be 20 or 25 to have fun.
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                    I'm going to have to vote, just right. Though I personally see it as 'just about right.'

                    I like the idea of gaining XP through crafting and gathering resources for crafting. +1 on that if it hasn't been implemented already.

                    Killing mobs I feel should be a tad lower if not a fair amount lower, for say the blues and some of the greens and especially for some of the first bosses. Partying up should elevate that -some- though, and a way to give even more incentive to do so. I do like the +30% XP from having +3 players in a party.

                    RP during quests and events with a DM, I'm sure make a fairly good amount of XP. Of course though, up to the DM to deem who would be worthy for a healthy amount more so than a fair share. (Healthy = +10-20% more than the fair share, IMO)

                    The XP ticker while in game should be reasonably lower as a player progresses his or her's toon through the levels.

                    -Levels 3-6: 75 XP as it is now.

                    -Levels 7-10: Say 70-60 XP.

                    -Levels 11-14: 60-50 XP.

                    -Levels 15-19: 55-50 XP.

                    -Levels 19-20: Say about 45-40 XP.

                    OR: Could flip it in a similar fashion and that could work as well. Seeing as there's much more XP needed in the higher levels. Up to the DM Team.

                    I feel like also, if approved and liked, whether RP'ing through a DM quest/event, through a Character Request, or just from RP'ing epically during the non-epic levels: a PC can be granted an Epic RP Token to be used in order to level up to 21. Then again say, at either 25 and/or 30 and from 31-40, they could also need an Epic Token for each level while being -that- epic.

                    Conclusion: I feel like some things could use some tweaking and XP from RP should be the main source for leveling, but not to an extreme where going out and killing mobs/dungeon crawling garners nothing in comparison. I do understand finding the right amount of balance would be easier said than done.

                    Just my two cents
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