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The deal with NWN2...

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  • The deal with NWN2...

    Just so everyone is clear on exactly what's going on...

    Currently there is no reliable method for persistence in NWN2. This will change when NWNx4 is released. NWNx4 is a tool far along in production which was available for NWN and is being made for NWN2. From what the project manager says, we can expect it to be released towards the end of November.

    So what does this mean? Well it means don't expect a persistent world until then! Also please note, unlike NWN, in NWN2 you will be required to download a special file in order to play a custom server (that is, a server that isn't running the campaign). This file will have to be provided on either a website to download, or through some kind of distribution tool. This is the current solution but lets hope not the final one (and I can say with much reliability that it won't be).

    Rest assured we are all hard at work on Sundren, and when a few key things happen towards the end of november, we should really have something to show for it.

    Until then, when I am able to get the game (tomorrow or thursday) I will host something, possibly an area out of Sundren, or even the campaign itself. That info will be posted here.

    So sit back, relax, and if you're itching for something to do, try out the campaign!
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