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Neverwinter Nights Podcast Episode 10

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  • Neverwinter Nights Podcast Episode 10


    As the US and Europe recover from some extreme winter weather we bundle up to keep warm and settle down to discuss our game day scheduled for Jan 20th, interview Bill Gielow from Thieves-Guild.net, and talk about NWN2 Toolset site moving to new location so update your links. Also in the news, Sundren test 1.04 Beta patch for DM Clients and prepare for a public beta of their persistent world.
    In a news Update Obsidian credited the NWNP Team with creating the Selma Hayek Christmas Carol Mod, actually Dax Allred is the creator of the this fine Christmas Teams Module for NWN 1. Sorry about that Dax we are attempting to contact Obsidian to have it corrected.
    Check the forums for information about how you can join us for a day of gaming on Jan 20th.
    Until next week
    Get in game and level up!!!
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