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Update Notes for August 7, 2014

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    *Appended: Room rental at the Drunken Dragon now works.


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      Lotus, has the BH Banner drop off been put in Sestra? Also a major part of the members can not access the bottom level of the CdG building, as they do not posses a key.
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        The banner drop. Knew I forgot something.


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          if you like trees, perhaps there is something like a forest going to grow up around Argyle. Pictures represent just a concept, no texturing/other details finished.

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            Love that bridge. And what I see, I really like, even if unfinished! God-speed, Tupoun!
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              I'd update the class page on the wiki, but that seems to be restricted in who can edit it. Additionally, the Favored Soul link on the page dosent work, and should be fixed to redirect to http://www.sundren.org/wiki/index.ph...=Favoured_Soul
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                Quick question for those of us that made a paladin before the update do we have to go through the application process now or are we grandfathered in?
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                  If the characters are established then grandfathering shouldn't be an issue. Nudge a DM in game or create a help request thread to try and organise a specific time to meet a DM.
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