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Obsidian News and effects on Sundren

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  • Obsidian News and effects on Sundren

    I regularly read news from Obsidian and try to keep updated so we can decide how this will be handled in Sundren. It looks like 1.04 will still be our targetted release version for "public beta". As many of you know, beta means incomplete but playable to be tested. So don't expect the whole world of Sundren at your fingertips when you login and every issue solved.

    Server/DM Client Stability in 1.04 has been stated by Obsidian as a major focus for dealing with PWs. However, one problem that they have not solved is a mysterious packet flood. This manifests itself as what appears to be garbage being thrown at a single client on the server causing the entire server to become lagged. Kicking the offending client or restarting the server has been the only work around. Nobody is certain what causes this yet, but it may be related to walk meshes? I'm letting you as players know in case the server seems exceedingly laggy at times. It will likely be beyond our control.

    1.05 is likely to be much more correct for PWs but 1.04 pretty much is required to effectively manage a PW since the server will be crashing alot if we run it in 1.03 as DM's try to manage the world.

    We have not been told the release date for 1.04 but judging from the messages left by Obsidian it will likely be within the next couple of weeks since they sound pretty complete with their assessment on the status of 1.04. Generally, companies like Obsidian only give out information once they are 100% certain it is correct. So the fact we hear anything should be a testament to what they have done.

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    Okay... This is good news. At least it's good to see Obsidian is diligently working on de-buggifying NWN2. Next couple of weeks, huh? I can wait...
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      Well it won't kill anyone to at least let us beta with 1.4
      A few more weeks it is then.
      I think I can speak for many players, not to mention the makers of PW's sitting in the dark when I type: Let's not be waiting 6 months please. ^_^
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