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Obsidian Releases 1.04 Small Preview

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  • Obsidian Releases 1.04 Small Preview

    Obsidian made a short list of changes in the upcomming 1.04 patch. Some include bug fixes that have been holding Sundren back, such as DM client crashes. As you know we are planning to open public around the time when 1.04 is released. There was no date set for the release, but I suspect it will be soon as there is more hard information on what we can expect.

    The original post by Obsidian can be found here.

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    Can't wait, really looking forward to it. NWN2 is shaping up to be better than NWN finally. Can't wait to see the server, keep up the good work.
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      The list looks really good, and especially since its a partial list. Cant wait for it to go live. No more DMC crashes! Wee

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        Good. if Obsidion pulls this off, we can get NWN2 as good as NWN was.
        Come on expansions.
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          YES! VOICE MENU! I was *so* missing that. And... Oh my gawd. Bindable hotbar keys? Can it be? This is just... Wow. And... Driving camera fixes? I feel faint...
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            Very good news indeed. I particularly look forward to the DM client fixes and the new hotbars. I had a heck of a time being quick about wands and scrolls with such a limited space.
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              Looks like this patch will be quite good considering its only a partial list. Looking forward to multiple hotbars.
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