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To Gabriel Shadesoar

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  • To Gabriel Shadesoar

    A letter is left with the proprietor of the Second Wind Inn to be dilivered to the room Gabriel Shadesoar occupies. It bears the seal of Marshal Danté Swift. Certain spells are in place to ensure that only the person the letter is addressed to will be able to read the contents.

    Gabriel Shadesoar,

    It is my sincere hope that this letter finds you well and in the good graces of our Lord Bane. I have heard much about you since your arrival in Sundren Valley. I am pleased to say that what I have heard had pleased me and will certainly please others within the Black Hand. I think it is time we met.

    You may find me in Sestra on any given day. I am sure the guards know you well enough now to escort you to me. As I am expecting you no appointment will be required.

    Fear no one more than the Dark Lord.
    Danté Swift: Archmagus and Marshal of Sestra.

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    Gabriel finds the note after a long night. He reads each word slowly, hinging on each piece. Finishing the correspondence, he crushes the note in his hand.

    "At long last.."
    Mhaaj Anderhart, Halruaan thaumaturgist, Withering Lord of the Myrkulites. [* Retired.]
    Gabriel Shadesoar - Hated-Errant of the Church of Bane.[* Retired.]

    "What is the difference between the master and the beginner?

    The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried."
    - Stephan McCranie