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Help Forums ( What to Request / What usually is denied )

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  • Help Forums ( What to Request / What usually is denied )

    There tends to be help forum requests of the same nature being denied often, or request coming to my inbox which are suited for Help requests. This thread is to help layout a correct path of using help forum.

    Table of Contents

    1.0 - What not to PM (Especially to me)
    2.0 - Frequent Request that are denied
    3.0 - What is good to Request in Help Forums

    1.0 - What not to PM (Especially to me)

    Before you make a PM to someone on the staff, there are three steps everyone should take.

    1. Is my request something only the reciever can handle or should the reciever even be handling it? Always check the staff page before making requests.

    2. Have I searched for information about the topic I wish to PM to the individual?

    3. Am I venting, stressed, or emotional before sending the PM? Try to calm down and send facts and information. Responses will be 1000% better.

    Please keep in mind the following.

    1. Many requests that go outside standard play is not up to everyone on the staff. Please be aware which staff member is actually capable of handling your request. Please don't be offended if you contact a specific staff member and they direct you to another.

    2. Many requests placed into PMs are better suited for the Help forums where DMs are constantly checking and replying. Bugs should be posted in the bugs forum where everyone can review them and correct them. Suggestions are anything you think the server should have that it doesn't.

    3. Many PMs wind up forwarded to others anyway, so making information available to the whole of the staff in the Help forums is definitely good practice and saves us a great deal of work as well as expedites response times.

    4. Complaints about staff members should all go to Saulus. All of them! I, and other developers are not the managers of the staff. Please be aware of this.

    2.0 - Frequent requests that are denied

    1. Can I play XXXX Creature that is not part of the currently available races?

    This has been a VERY frequent post, since Sundren's opening. To date we have accepted 0 requests of this nature. Some races that are not available at creation may be made available later, but only at the invitation of the DM team to the players, not the other way around. There is a careful balance that must be maintained, and honestly, some requests are just completely off the wall. (No, we're not going to let you play the son of Bane).

    2. Can you relevel me with all my stuff to a new class?

    This will generally be denied. Unless you were in game, accidentally chose a wrong feat for your level and just need that one level again, DMs will not grant a critical rebuild of a character. The reasons are mostly because of the effort and time involved, as well as the lack of planning many players have had in characters.

    There are many forums where you can request help in choosing a design and layout for your character. People are very friendly and helpful in this endeavor.

    3. Can you craft me a special item?

    Absolutely not. There are many ways of acquiring items within the game that you want. For us to grant special items upon request would make these systems useless. You're always free to make suggestions for new methods of item acquisition, however, there will be no special grants of magic items tailored for your character.

    4. Can I play ECL race XXX even though it's marked closed?

    It is marked closed for a reason. We are not likely to make special consideration. There are many reasons, some of which revolve around fairness. Balance is another consideration we make. We keep track of players running about in these favored races and try to keep the numbers small. Who needs 20 Drow players in Sharahan Hills?

    3.0 - What SHOULD be in Help forum

    1. RP Related Questions or Event Requests

    We're not above helping RP or storylines progress where DMs are needed.

    2. General Support with Sundren related issues

    Having trouble getting something to work in game? We're here to help.

    3. ECL Requests

    See this thread.

    4. Extraordinary Backgrounds

    Not sure if your background is allowed in the world? It's best to ask a DM before they find out the hard way while running plots. Nothing like a player somehow being a key figure in D&D that we didn't approve.

    5. Help resolving conflicts with other players

    We will help mediate play and OOC issues as best we can. Please handle all matters of this nature respectfully. You will find the end results much better this way.
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    Thanks for the clarification GBX! Howabout requests for an alignment change (call me strange, but I'm reluctant to post in a public forum )
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      All right, never made a help request, so this'll be useful to know.


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        Who to...

        Here's a short, and probably incomplete list of who to PM about what:
        (Information easily garnered from the staff list, presented here for your convinience)

        Position: Project Lead
        What to PM about: Trouble with the staff, management issues.

        Position: Leading DM
        What to PM about: Ingame trouble, dire server issues

        Positon: Website / Wiki admin
        What to PM about: Trouble with the forums, the webpage or other things. Goes for the wiki as well.

        Position: Scripter
        What to PM about: Nothing not related to scripts.

        This should give you a general idea of who to PM about what, but remember: Look at the staff page before writing a PM!

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          Well I admit, I sometimes bother 'a certain DM' (you know who you are) whenever my character gets wiped...mostly for his crown back.

          It's the one thing that says: This is Valen (Dragoncleric's only character) And it has a history to it, nor is it a powerful item) It's just..unique and something that makes me proud to play here. Plus, he said he likes it.
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            Originally posted by Machiavelli View Post
            Thanks for the clarification GBX! Howabout requests for an alignment change (call me strange, but I'm reluctant to post in a public forum )
            Request in game. There's an alignment change tool.


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              hello 2 all and a q for u all 2

              ok i got in the room i figerd it out ez fix ok thaks now after i got in to the room a dm told me that 2 play a tifling i need 2 ask for permichin?in the help froum .... and 2 give a bio or a background? ok np.. ok did i mis something in the read me files or somthing what classis or rassis do u let in and y do i need 2 give a backgound on my class? if u need 1 ill give u 1?
              hers what i say 2 a bio or a background and yes i know i spell bad sorry pl

              I am Demon, ?sent from the infernal Kingdom to ease the gnawing vulture
              of thy man kind,!
              By working wreakful vengeance on thy foes. Come and welcome me to this world's
              light; Confer with me of
              murder and of death; There's not a hollow cave or lurking-place, No vast
              obscurity or misty vale, Where bloody
              murder or detested (torture) Can couch for fear but I will find seek them out;
              And in their ears tell them my dreadful
              name (and why I am here)?Revenge, which makes the foul offender quake.

              but im not a pk'er at all . inlles they pk me ferst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              o the pic is after i get my just revenge!Mhahaha!


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                I have no idea what you just said, but if you type like that in your Roleplay, I'm not sure we'll have room for you <_< >_>


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                  It's a joke... It has to be a joke, there is no way someone just came onto a roleplaying server, typing like that... Though the other day I got to see someone named 'fish' log in... Which did little to impress me either... But still, this has to be a joke.
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                    His last character was 'flatron3' on the server. spelled and capitolized just like that. Check his forum title now. *Points up 2 posts*


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                      LOL we get lovely players on this server. This guys funnier then Forlorn.